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Our F.A.Q answers you a large Part from often asked Questions.
They will be updated continuously.
We try to solve every Question in advance.

1. Where is the different between Who Are You and other social networks?

Who Are You is a social network that is operation on a private base. It use many features that are seen in other social networks too, but the user has more influence to the development.
That means that things that the Dev Team try more to hear to the Community and the wanted features.

It should be network for everyone around the world.

Our Fanpages Features allows Users to create their own Fanpage and they can define different Content Pages in this page too.
So the User has more flexibility to create his page.

In the future we will bring more and more features.
2. Is Who Are You free ?

Yes, Who Are You is complete free to use.
3. How can i sing up for Who Are You ?

To sign up to Who Are You, you need an invitecode.

You can only get an invitecode when a member invites you to Who Are You.
Ask your friend for example if he is a Member of Who Are You and if he can invites you.

An alternative way would be to ask people on the internet if they can invite you to Who Are You.

The Idea behind this , is that the network should be exclusive just to invited members.
4. I heard that Who Are You has a 3D Chat?

Atm only the German Version has a 3D Chat. But you can download the German Client and use it with your Account too.
To download the German Client, just use this URL.
5. Erm is there a 3D Chat planned for the English Peoples?

Yes there is a plan , but we want to build the focus more on the Social Network instead of the 3D Chat.
The 3D Chat will be more a goodie.
6. How can i delete my Account?

A big difference to other social networks is that deleting an Account is very easy at Who Are You.

Just login to Who Are You, click on "Account" , then choose "Delete my Account" , check the box and click "Delete Account".

You Account and all Data that belongs to your Account will be deleted immediately and cannot be recover.
Images that you uploaded will be deleted directly too from our webserver.
7. What is Who Are You?

Who are You connects people from different locations to each other.
Members can stay in contact with old friends, shool and student mates or colleges. You can also find new friends and find new contacts.

A very important Feature is that you can create Fanpages.
Fanpages can be used to advertise for a product, website, your business or your favorite interests. Every Member can create a Fanpage

The Difference here to other social networks is that you can add Content pages to the Fanpage and fill it with more informations or an RSS Feed.
5. I have a question that wasnt answered in the FAQ, what can i do?

You can contact our Support Team at admin[at] or just post a Topic in the Group WhoRUBeta.