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Hardline Dreams


Hardline Dreams is a Server Emulator for the Online Game Matrix Online.

Hardline Dreams has his own Source Code and use C# as Programming Language.

There are other Projects outside (mxoemu aka Rajkos Project, mxolive and mxosource - but note : mxolive and mxosource are based on rajkos code).

Hardline Dreams was created by Morpheus and Neo after a conflict of opinion with rajko in Februar 2010.

As Neo and Morpheus created mxoemu forum and page in Juni 2008 Rajko overtook them and in Februar 2010 rajko freaked out and removed the admin rights for an unknown reason from neo and morpheus.

However - we still support the idea that there are more projects and we are happy to announce that Hardline Dreams has his first release.

Check out the Hardline Dreams Forum for more release informations.


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