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Who Are You Community


The following Rules regulate the use of Who Are You. By registering at Who Are You, you must accept this Rules.

In the violation listed below , we reserve the rights to delete or ban your Account from Who Are You. We reserve us the right to legal consequences in hard violation cases.

No insults
Every type of insults are desired and will be punished.

Keine vulgären Bemerkungen
Sexistische und vulgäre Äusserungen sind zu unterlassen.

No Discrimination
Discrimination against anyone based on sex, religion, Age, race or others are not allowed.

If you have a dispute with a user, try to talk with him with a PM Message or something. You are able to report Users if you click on the report button.

No Spamming
Spamming , that means typing the same text many times in a short time period, isnt allowed.

No violent Nickname
Nicknames that are Sexist, discriminatory or violates someone else rights or otherwise violates the law, are not allowed.
Nicknames that violates against this, will be banned permantly.

Exploits / Bugusing
It is not allowed to use Exploits or Bugs. If you found an Exploit or a Bug, please report this to the Who Are You Team.
If we found someone who use exploits, he will be banned permantly.

Publishing Content
You own all Content and Information that you share on Who Are You and you can controll through the Privacy Settings who is allowed to view this content.
You are not allowed to post content that violates against any laws, the copyright from an another person or that violates someone else rights. You are not allowed to post content that is sexists or discriminatory .

Respect other Members
Who Are You is a Plattform that should make fun and where you should have fun with other Members.
If someone doesnt share your mind or you dont like him, just dont talk to him or delete him from your friendlist.
If a user violates the rules , please report this to the Who Are You Team.

Privacy Settings and Information you share
Who Are You is a Social Network where Users create Profiles with Informations about himself.
You should care about the Privacy Settings that Informations that should stay just for friends, are really just for friends.
In the Privacy Settings you have the possibility to share the Informations Community- and Worldwide. So really take care about this settings.
You can change the Privacy Settings anytime.
Who Are you is not reponsible for Informations that you share and didnt hide from the public.